Daily Workout

Daily Workout Motivation

I’m not lazy, I’m just not motivated…

Everyone has this dream of being the most fit/skinny/strongest etc, but, sadly, not everyone has the will or the drive to go after that dream.  Why is that?  Simple…It’s too much work and no one wants to do it.  I admit that I have those day where I don’t want to even try.  I’d rather just sit on the couch with tubs of ice cream and watch Star Wars movies all day long.  If given the right opportunity I probably would.  I’m just lazy as fuck like that.  Thankfully, I have too much stuff going on at my house that I barely have time to sit down.  I don’t always have the drive to get out and be active all the time.  When I get home from work the only thing I want to do is eat and relax so I can decompress from the day.  Having a wife and two tweenager kids, one of which is special needs, there doesn’t leave much time for Brandon to sit around on his juicy booty.  Yes, I have a special needs daughter who will never have the ability to leave home and be independent, and what’s worse is her condition will cause her to get worse as time goes on.  Basically, she will lose the ability to walk, talk (what little she does), feed herself, and based on current patients with her rare disease, she will certainly die an early death.  As she continues to get older her weight is increasing due to the medicines she is on, and the fact she only seems to like to eat carbhydrates.  She will eat a small amount of meat, but for the most part she is a carbohydrate monster.  Unfortunately, there is little we can do because she doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t have them, and if she doesn’t get what she wants, she makes life extremely difficult for everyone.  Discipline pretty much goes out the window too.  She is not like a normal child that can normally be corrected.  She has no concept of her behavioral consequences.  This can lead to mid store battles, parking lot fiascoes, doctors office meltdowns, and she even can be destructive to herself, others, and physical items.  It’s really a challenge at times because she is 10 years old and weighs over 100 lbs.  So, now you’re asking yourself “where the hell is he going with this?”  Although I’m 6’2″ tall and hovering around 230 lbs on most days, I quickly realized my level of strength was not sufficient for a man in his mid 30’s with a 100+ lbs 10 years old with a 2 year old mind. Realizing I did not have sufficient strength to easily pick up my daughter and move her when needed, getting her in and out of the bath was difficult, and I knew things would only get worse as she grew and got bigger.  I pondered on this and began to see the future and what it held for me and […]