Devil Dawg Workout Plan

The term "Teufel Hunden" was given the Marines by the Germans during World War I. The english translation is Devil Dog. This name was given by the German
troops during the Battle of Belleau Wood for the Marines tenacity during battle. The battle was brutal and bloody for the Marines, but they fought relentlessly to gain a foothold at Belleau Wood. The workout plan laid out below is brutal, tiresome, and it will test your endurance in weights and cardio.  I would consider this an expert workplan, and personally one of my favorites. The overall goal is to increase size and strength during this plan, and we plan to do so by increasing our calorie intake coupled with increasing weights.The meal plan for this workout can be found here, which is a 3500 calorie a day plan to aid in muscle growth. If you're looking to cut, then you can take a look at a lower calorie plan here. Either meal plan will work for this workout, and will aid in your overall goals.

Start the Plan:

Workout Sequence

I will walk you through this plan for four weeks, and provide you with a PDF and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to help you track your progress.

Day 1, Devil Dawg Arms

Day 2, Devil Dawg Chest

Day 3, Devil Dawg Shoulders

Day 4, Devil Dawg Back

Day 5, Devil Dawg Lower Body

These will repeat each week for four weeks, but you can continue the plan for eight weeks by continuing to add heavier weights each week.

Meal Plan for Muscle Growth

Mass Gaining 3500 Calorie Meal Plan (For men)

Fat Burning 1800 Calorie Meal Plan (For men)