Day One

For the first day of our leatherneck workout plan we are going to focus on building our legs and shoulders.  These moves are designed to build power in your muscles, so the reps will be low and the weight heavy.

Day Two

We begin Day two by focusing on forging power in our chest and triceps. Similar to our day one workout, these sets we’ll be doing are focusing on power and strength.

Day Three

We continue our power and strength focus by working our back and arms today.  Having a strong back is essential to building overall body strength and power.


Leatherneck Tough

Marines are known for being crazy, drunken, and brawling tough killers.  The leatherneck term was given to the Marines because of the stiff leather collars around the neck of their dress uniform.  This term has been molded into a longstanding nickname due to the leather toughness of Marines.

The Leatherneck workout is geared toward strength and power development.  We will focus on low reps per set, but with heavy weight.  The goal is to lift as heavy as you can for 3-5 reps.  The compound lifts will be 3 reps each set.  These should be hard to achieve, but not heavy enough to hurt yourself.  I recommend building up until you reach your max weight for the required number of reps.  For example:  When doing dead lifts start with the bar only, then add two 45's (or whatever you're comfortable with), and slowly add weights until you know what you can lift.  The first time you do each days workout maybe a bit longer than normal.  This is okay so you understand where you need to start at.  Each week thereafter you should spend two-three sets doing your workout before starting your lifts.

The main goal is to get stronger and more powerful, but without hurting yourself.  If you're new to some of these moves, I'd suggest watching videos and practicing with little to no weight.

Semper Fi!

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